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>> oh, wait. our little devil is playing snow angel. we'll have to get back to her. one of my followers on twitter says, breaking news. cuomo declares storm emergency, all conservatives need to evacuate. follow me on twitte twitter @megynkelly. we got there. welcome to hannity, tonight governor cuomo does not have the nerve to face me after saying extreme conservatives, you know, people who are pro life, pro traditional marriage, they're not welcome in the state of new york, yet he still wants my hard earned tax dollars. i am not alone, and that is coming up on this edition, tonight of hannity. >> are we fired up today? >> andrew cuomo calls out extreme conservatives. >> they have no place in new york. that's not who new yorkers are.
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>> we hit the streets of new york to get reaction to his comments. >> i think the governor is off base. >> the lovable liberal tackles the top five. >> don't you ever talk about me. don't you open your mouth about the best. >> tonight you the viewers get the unique opportunity to ask me anything you want. no topic will be offlimits. megan mcdowell is here with the first installment of #asksean. and our great, great american panel revisits some of the greatest meltdowns of all time. in texas, wendy davis is caught lying about her private life. ann coulter is here to react to the growing controversy in the lone star state. new york governor andrew
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cuomo is trying to backtrack tonight after making these rourkes. listen. >> who are they? are they these extreme conservatives that are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay? is that who they are? because if that's who they are and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. because that's not who new yorkers are. >> no place in the state of new york. guess what, governor. i'm not the only one offended and ready to pack their bags. michelle fields braved the snowy weather today. she went to st. patrick's cathedral in new york city to see what some people in new york thought about their governor's ant anti-conservative and anti-catholic comments. >> reporter: he's walked back his statement saying his fine with people that are pro life and pro gun control.
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it's not sitting well with can many catholics, we're here to find out what people think. >> i think the governor's off base. >> he's nuts. >> he's going against his own catholic roots if you ask me. >> do you think it was right for him to say that? >> no, it's extremely alienating. >> we're famous, known well for welcoming all. where there's enough room for everyone. i think it would serve him well to take a letter from pope francis' book. less derogatory talk, less judgment and more welcoming, more mercy. >> i know that people have strong beliefs and values, which we all accept, we honor those values that other people have. new york city as a whole has always been the place for everyone. >> we have a right to agree or disagree but we don't have a right to say there's no place
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for them in the city or the state. he's flip-flopping on the issue. just goes to show you, he's going to try to slide out of that statement. >> he's since walked balk, do you think it's in fear? >> he's a politician. walking back, they do that all the time. >> do i think his backtracking is sincere? i think backtracking is real ever sincere. >> i think he goofed when he said it in the first place, and he's probably rethinking it now. >> yesterday and again today, we reached out to governor cuomo's office and extended an invitation for him to come on this program and explain himself. we reached out to the offices of senator debbie wasserman-schultz, former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and new york city
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mayor bill de blasio. no one gave us a statement which means they don't have the moral courage to speak out against a member of their own party. joining me now, the co-host of "the five." dana perino, welcome. father, let me start with you. you're prolife? >> absolutely. >> you're protraditional marriage? >> absolutely. >> where do you stand on the second amendment? >> i'm an american, it doesn't mean i believe there should be no restrictions on guns, i do believe there should be restrictions. >> if you think like that, this governor thinks you're an extremist and you have no place in the state of new york, that's not who new yorkers are. >> at first i thought maybe he made a mistake, he was confused it was a bad moment and he would clarify. his clarification that came
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through his council, which served as a spokesman at this moment said, you know what, he has great respect for his catholic faith now that was the most offensive thing to me. >> why? >> why? because if you have great respect for your catholic faith, then you hold up your catholic faith, your christian faith as an ideal. and yet here he's saying and proven in his governance that he believes that abortion on demand -- and he's about to propose another law coming up in this legislative session, that makes access in new york state even greater than throughout the whole united states. i found that to be very offensive and disingenuous. >> in spite of the so-called apology today, in my opinion, i felt that is how he really feels. >> just when you want your politicians to be inclusive, and
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you think this is a guy -- if hillary clinton would decide not to run, he may try to make a go of it. but when you have an impulsen statement like what he said, it's a glimpse into what he thinks. they don't care if you leave new york. they don't just think that you're wrong, they think that you're evil. they don't care if you're here or not. >> i made some statements. i have contractual obligations, i can't leave here, my kids are in school. and there are over 100 people that rely on me, people that have kids, mortgages and hoaxes. i can't selfishly pack up and leave. i wouldn't pay a 10% state tax in florida or texas, i would save a lot of money and you know what, maybe i can do my job from there. >> that's why i asked you about that. unlike a lot of other conservatives that might live in the state under cuomo's
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definition or ours. they don't have the means to pick up if they wanted to. they may have a job or a skill set that requires them to be here. i think in the marketplace of ideas, you can get people to come and live there, that's wonderful. there's a lot of people that rely on you, and you're a responsible person, how is something else going to take what you're saying. >> you are right, but this was spontaneous. if you were to leave new york, there are a lot of young people here, and you don't ever talk about this. there are a lot of young people here that are going to school through your generosity who probablien wot have that opportunity if you weren't here. >> i will continue to do that, i have to first think of those people who work with me and for me, and they are my first priority, you're 100% right. i will not leave until i know they're all taken care of. there was a callous remark, governor cuomo are you going to
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take care of -- i didn't expect him to. i have a responsibility. i talked to governor perry, governor of florida. as you prepare to escape from new york, i sincerely hope you'll choose texas as the destination for your family, your business and the traditional values that are apparently no longer welcome in the empire state. and it went on from there. i felt, wow! what a difference. >> i take the governor's comments a little more personally, i think i'm just as steamed about it as you are, sean. perhaps more steamed than my colleagues right here. we're characterized as conservatives, bigots, that's the subtext of what the governor had to say. you're a bigot. i have a large multiracial family and i'm characterized as a bigot. i'm a christian and i'm characterized as a bigot.
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because i'm a conservative. this thing has been going on for a long time. the left taking the moral high ground and characterizing people like me as bad guys. we are above you. and i resent it, and i feel insulted by it. >> wait a moment, cardinal dolan is not welcome in new york by his definition. you're not welcome here, father, and by the way, maybe dana's right there with you. >> cardinal dolan mentioned on the catholic channel. this was all about extremists, these are extremists, prolifes,s extremists. talk about extremists, extreme to say that you, because you don't believe what i believe, are not welcome in my state as the governor? that's extreme. >> as soon as i am finished taking care of my obligations
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workwise, contractually, and the people that work for me, dana, thank you for correcting that. i will leave new york because i'm not wanted here. >> it's not the weather? >> that's a biggie, can we hope -- it's my income that means more. >> can we hope that governor cuomo comes out and says, i'm sorry what i said was wrong? >> even if he does, i don't know if i believe it. >> i don't think i will either, i think we heard the real feelings. the first installment of ask sean. you the viewers have a chance to ask me any question you want. set your dvr's for that tonight. i have no idea what the questions will be, first my good friend from the five, we go one on one to talk about the hot topics of the day, including governor cuomo's divisive remarks straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to hannity, my next guest is here to tackle the stories of the day, including governor cuomo's angry rants. how are you? >> i'm fine, how are you? >> this is what bothers me, you and i have a relationship off tv. you know i'm pro life. >> sure. >> you know i'm pro second amendment. you are one of the few people that have seen my gun collection. >> yes, i have. >> and i have the same position on marriage as barack obama did two years ago, right? pro traditional marriage. what do you think about this governor saying there's no place for me in new york? >> i think it may have been one of the more iladvised things he's ever said.
7:16 pm
and i think that if a play here was to get himself positioned for the left, which is what the political analysis is, i don't think that necessarily does it, if that's what his play was, there's probably a better way to do it. i mean, i just -- look, this is not to say that i understand what he's saying, there's a lot of extremists on the right who have said some things that have been really outrageous, that doesn't mean you have to repeat them, and they're not governor of the second biggest state in the union. >> all right, the thing is, even though we disagree, the great thing is, that's -- isn't that the diversity liberals lecture us? isn't that intolerance at a high level? it's bad, i mean -- >> being lectured by anybody, i mean, i get lectured a lot by the right, but you and me -- when we go out to your place and hang out, what is the first thing we do? i say you were dropped on your head as a youth. >> right. >> and then we don't talk about politics all that much. i just think -- >> we talk more about our kids. >> that's right, and maybe
7:17 pm
that's a lesson learned here, your reaction to him, which i can understand knowing you. don't up and leave, i -- >> no, i'm -- i'm taking care of -- a lot of people rely on me. >> yeah. >> and i'm going to take care of them first, then i'm leaving. let's go, you saw erin andrews interview with sherman. >> yes. >> let's roll that tape again. >> the final play, take me through it. >> well, i'm the best one in the game about when you try me with a star receiver like crabtree that's what you're going to get. don't you ever talk about you. >> who was talking about you? >> crabtree. don't you open your mouth about the best. i'll shut it for you real quick. >> all right, before -- and joe, back over to you. >> seahawks cornerback sherman tweeted racism was to blame for that. showing racism is still alive and well. you have a washington post columnist saying, his rant was based on rants on cnn yesterday.
7:18 pm
>> if it's based on race, i don't think there's anybody who has better credentials as a white person on race as i do. that rant was disgraceful, if you're that good and he is good, you ought to let what you do on the field speak for itself. the sad part about this is, the seahawks have worked very hard to get there, and all the attention now goes to this one guy, because he shoots his big mouth off. that season the racist, it is what -- the right thing -- i feel badly for the rest of the seahawks, you know? >> who do you have in the game? >> i say denver, two points, i like denver. >> we actually agree. i'm sick of the last two weekends. >> all right. >> why didn't you tell me about that. i could have -- if you told me about that, i could have made some money. >> i need to use your bookie, that's a bad idea for me. >> thanks, bob. and coming up, new element on the program, you the viewers have a unique opportunity to ask me any question you want.
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no topic off limits, megan mcdowell will join me next. i don't know what the questions are. that's all coming up straight ahead. aflac! aflac! got 'em. ♪ yeah, he's clean, boss. now listen e, duck. i have an associate that met with, uh, an unfortunate accident. while he's been incapacitated, somebody's been paying him cash. now, is this your doing? aflac? now, if i met th some such accident, would aflac pay me? ♪ nice. this is your stop. [ male announcer ] find out what aflac can do for you and your family... aflac? [ male announcer ]
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welcome back to hannity, time for a brand new edition to the hannity rundown. you have been posting your questions for me all day on facebook and twitter.
7:23 pm
it's time for some answers. what do you want to know about me? here to read some of your hot topic questions that i have yet to see. from the imus in the morning program megan mcdonnell. how are you? >> i'm great. >> you are my wife's favorite person on tv. oh, finally a southerner like me. she says that all the time. >> that's awesome. >> what's going on? >> you don't know anything i can't wait for this. are you wearing a manning jersey to the super bowl? >> she calls my radio show she's the biggest broncos farn in the world. i am going to the super bowl. >> are you going to wear a jersey? >> i'm not going to wear a jersey. >> don't bleng that word jersey by the way. >> i'm 6 for 6 the last two weeks. >> i know. i know. >> and i'm picking the broncos because this is the peyton
7:24 pm
manning destine me here. >> i'll take that. >> how much? >> a drink. >> second question, a tweet from nikki benning ton, who are your favorite country artists? >> easy, my love for country began when i lived in alabama, my wife's from there, i got hooked on garth brooks. absolutely the most riveting entertainer ever. with that said, i love new country, old country. my buddy charlie daniels is there. john rich. the latest group that i can't hear enough of is florida georgia live. >> you have to list the bikini tops, you have to listen to more like waylon. >> i know the guys of rascal flats, love those guys. yeah, of course, i like -- i go back and i like hank williams jr., are you ready for some football? big time. they never should have -- >> you get a pass from me on that. facebook post from ed collins,
7:25 pm
can you fire a weapon? >> i'm a marks man. i've lived in new york -- you're asking a tough question. i lived in new york, rhode island for five years, california for five years, alabama for two years, georgia for four years. i've had a license carry pistol permit in all of those states. i've carried a pistol for most of my adult life. i was a marks man at 11, my parents were in law enforcement, they taught me how to shoot at a young age. >> that's amazing. >> i have a huge gun collection that i don't often talk about. >> does it run the gamut from small pistols to everything -- >> everything, i have small weapons, big ones. >> a tweet from chris tucker. based upon the poor security and terror threat, do you think our athletes should go to the sochi games? >> i was a little concerned, you
7:26 pm
know the maine senator who said he wouldn't go? am i concerned? yeah, big time. when you have this jihadist widow lady that they think may have already penetrated, and there may be a few terrorists prepared to bring terror to the games, the answer is, i don't think our lives should be gov n governed by fear or fear of terrorists. but with that said, i want our government, just like we have to protect our president our vice president our governors, our elected politicians, i want all american athletes to have american security around them at all times. >> we've offered up our high-tech help. >> i want guards for all of our athletes, i do not want them in a position where they're compromised. >> but you're okay with the athletes going? >> yes. >> okay. facebook post, who is the most honest politician you know? >> probably in the past was
7:27 pm
reagan, george w. bush was an honest man, and i really got to know him, the person. he was a very honest man. i think there's a lot of them. i am unhappy with both political parties right now. i think the democratic party is a socialist party, the republican party is a tim itd party. i think there's too much anti-obama, they need a positive solution oriented agenda like the penny plan to balance the budget. energy, control of the borders, individual health care savings accounts as an alternative to obama care. they're afraid right now, they seem timid and really unwilling to educate and inform. we have one in six americans in poverty you can the lowest labor participation rate we've ever had. we can do better. there's needless suffering in the country right now. >> more honesty. >> yes. >> will you run for office, or do you think that you can accomplish more where you are now? >> would you vote for me?
7:28 pm
>> would you? >> the answer is yes, i think about it. >> really? >> yes. >> what office? >> i don't know. well, i'm leaving new york as you know. but that means -- >> you're definitely going to -- >> as soon as i can. there are logistical issues. i have a lot of people that work for me, i have kids in school. i -- you know, i said that yesterday, that i'm going to leave because andrew cuomo doesn't want us here, i'm going to leave on my time frame, i have contractual obligations obviously, but i will definitely leave new york. it would either be in texas or florida. >> that was the focus of most of the questions. will you come to texas? will you come to texas? and it definitely. >> where did you grow up? >> virginia. southern virginia. so it's a different country than northern virginia. >> what else do you got? >> we have state income taxes. >> i would consider doing it in the past, no way it was off the
7:29 pm
radar. now i will. >> facebook post, who would you like to see as president in 2016? >> i don't have the definitive answer for that. i want a big field. i like our governors, susannah martin martinez, nikki haley, scott walker, bobby jindal. we have great governors, i want ted cruz in it, rand paul in it, and marco rubio in it. i think there are stars, i think chris christie had some problems in terms of his position and the base getting the nomination. i think the mainstream media doesn't understand conservatism, the tea party. it is a much bigger force within the republican party than they think. there is a rising tide of conservatism, not republicanism. so anybody that's conservative that's solution oriented that will turn the country around and make us feel good about living in america, and get people back to work and off of welfare, i'm for them. >> and somebody who can run and win? >> lower 25678s, lower
7:30 pm
regulations, killing business. someone that will drill. we have more natural resources, shale oil, oil itself, natural gas, coal than all the middle east combined. >> you need to think about moving to south dakota then. >> north dakota. the unemployment rate in north dakota is 2.6%. in midland, texas it's 6%. >> it makes our weather here look like balmy miami. >> facebook post from ted calhoun. i have wondered for some time, is that your real natural hair? >> pull it. come on. >> you're going to get mad at me. >> no, pull. pull it harder harder. >> i'm not going to pull -- >> did you really just say harder, harder, harder to me. >> we just ruined the first segment of asksean it just ended tonight. yeah, it's my hair. it's grayer and it grows long and i cut it.
7:31 pm
>> and it has its own twitter account, apparently. >> you're going to come back next week, and people can write a question. >> they can ask anything, they go to twitter #asksean. >> they can ask me anything and i don't know the questions ahead of time. >> that is absolutely the case. >> this was fun. i'll watch you tomorrow on imus. >> that was more than a girl could ask for. still ahead tonight, joe bestardi stops by. we have a look at the massive snowstorm hitting the northeast even as we speak. i want you to address the reason that they are here. >> there's much more where they came from. in honor of the seahawks, richard sherman, we're going to countdown the most epic on camera meltdowns of all time tonight. shocking new video of toronto's crack smoking mayor, and it appears to be under the influence. that would be an understatement. have you to see it to believe it. we always want to hear from you, and you can ask us questions.
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welcome back to hannity, we're going to check in with joe to get an update on the massive storm wreaking havoc all around the country. but first, our great american panel. how are you cardinal? >> julie reginski and ainsley earhart. in honor of richard sherman's epic meltdown after the game. pretty good stuff, right? >> we're going to unveil the best political in pop culture
7:37 pm
meltdown rants of all time, and we'll let you guys decide who the winner is, let's role the tape. >> you think they want to be spending their time here, is that what you think? they want to be spending their time here in the gallery. and you say we're addressing them, and that's what you're upset about? i want you madam speaker to address the reason that they're here. >> you're perfect, you're going to judge me. >> i'm not running for office. >> you know who judges me? >> i'm not telling you. >> you know who judges me. >> go visit with your rabbi, shows you how much you know. >> he was prepared to sacrifice the local economy. he was prepared to sacrifice the towns around yosemite when he was on the jihad against american citizens getting health care. >> the fact is, we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they would kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> i don't know what you think. i'm saying to you. look in his eyes.
7:38 pm
look at them. >> don't put it on them. don't use them as an excuse for the behavior you're putting on yourself. >> my reporting is spot on. you don't know -- i don't need to hear from you. i know exactly what my reporting is. >> all right. i'm sorry to get you so upset. >> i'm not upset, i'm mad as hell. >> i don't care that you're 12 years old or 11 years old or you're a child. you better be ready friday, the 20th to meet with me. because i'm going to let you know just how i feel about what a rude little pig you really are. >> you're the one that almost hit my wife in the microphone in the face? >> i didn't hit your wife. >> you swan the to apologize on camera? >> i didn't -- >> i asked you a question, do youen watt to apologize on camera? >> i didn't -- >> get [ bleep ] out of here. >> where do you begin, i love them all. you forgot about the one where
7:39 pm
weiner is upset about you, he said you have low standards. you said you want to talk about low standards? enand you almost called him carlos danger. >> i should have. >> you do this on your news show segment on imus. >> this is what makes the news business go round and round. this is what we want with this guy richard sherman, you had hillary clinton and alec baldwin mean spirited with serious overtones. i guess for pure entertainment, the crack smoking mayor wins if you ask me. >> let's go to the crack smoking mayor, this is a short segment. we'll add him to the mix, he fits in, this is by the way, just -- today or yesterday. watch this. >> and he's trying to tell me [ bleep ].
7:40 pm
>> i'm going to hide in here, i'm going to hide in here. no money, money, money. ciao. >> i love this guy. he has a higher approval rating than obama right now. >> was he standing in front of a bob's big boy? where is he? >> toronto, we're sorry for you, but we love this guy. >> if he looked mitt romney and just did a couple lines no one would care. but he looks buffoonish. >> what is this? >> i love it, this guy is like, in a know win situation. if you do a couple lines you'd be reallyskinny. this guy's doing crack and he's large. >> he is bat blanking nuts. really. i think he's a hair trigger
7:41 pm
razor's edge about to go over the top. >> unlike mayor ford and even dennis rodman, he's serious, venomous, mean. those guys are entertaining. >> one day he's going to lose it and end up in jail. >> we'll come back. before we go, let's check in with joe, we have wicked weather hitting the east coast right at this hour, including the northeast, new york and elsewhere, d.c. is getting hit, what's going on? >> well, this storm is really winding up just offshore now. near blizzard conditions, coastal new jersey, long island, into southeastern massachusetts over the next several hours, if you remember that storm on january 3rd, i think snow amounts and wind gusts are probably going to exceed that. the reason i bring that up is because people can remember back to early january that particular storm. unlike early january, we're not getting a one or two day spike of warmer weather coming in.
7:42 pm
instead the country is going to be hammered over the next 10 do 15 days by relentless cold aimed at the midwest and eastern part of the united states, i'm personally concerned about infrastructure problems where the from grid and things like that, we had some nasty rolling blackouts with the last arctic outbreak, this is going to be relentless. four shots in a row coming in out of the northwest. >> you say it's going to get worse, and the snow in the new york area, will take up 14 inches maybe in long island a little more? >> yeah, and the drifting's going to be real bad out there. there may be a couple more over the next seven to ten days coming through. it's similar to what we saw in this famous blizzard in new york. blizzard of 67. last year we saw a storm similar to 69. this year 67. i like bringing those things up so people don't believe this is global warming. >> thanks. we'll be watching cold weather
7:43 pm
throughout most of the country. it's going to be cold for a ten-day span. coming up next, we'll have more with our great american panel. it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical. and for jumps, i need something...special. so i use my citi thankyou visa card for music downloads and earn two times the points... plus a little extra inspiration. [ ♪ music plays ] the citi thankyou preferred visa card. earn two times the points on entertainment and dining out with no annual fee. citi, with you every step of the way.
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welcome back to han it if i. as we continue with our great american panel. what is national hug day? today is -- what is national -- >> it's an excuse to hug someone in the office, maybe that you always wanted to hug and you never did. i don't know.
7:48 pm
>> in other words, it won't be called sexual harassment? >> i guess not. >> i heard you're so upset about cuomo that you're considering leaving new york, i would give you a hug if you don't leave new york state. >> if you're making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, may i do this, may i do that? >> i'm a hugger. i grew up in the south. i'm a hugger. >> guys aren't huggers. >> there's a producer here that i've worked with for years. he says, you get a hug a year about. >> why are guys not huggers? >> what's wrong with a hug. >> what guy wants to cuddle after making out with their wife. that's a question you can ask. >> i love to hug. i love to hug my wife. it makes you feel good. you brought up governor cuomo.
7:49 pm
you know who could use a hug right now, governor christie. except you'd need hands across america. but i love governor christie. >> he's losing weight, come on. >> my buddy, the great one, mark levin takes down crazy uncle joe biden in an epic rant. listen to this. >> the democrats still don't get this liberty thing. they still don't get this rule of law constitution thing. they still don't get this thing about unalienable rights. and free will. and individual sovereignty. they don't get it, they never will get it, they are a big government operation. >> amen. and i direct that at you. because you support this president, this debt, these deficits, this -- the labor participation rate, lowest in decades, one in six americans in poverty, and 50 million americans on foot stamps. >> what is he upset about? >> we're losing our country, our
7:50 pm
freedom and stealing from our kids which is immoral. >> i'm sorry he's in a bad mood for that. did i vote for them? or did america voted for them. he voted for president too. >> he goes on to say, that there are >> well, we can support them? is that what you're suggesting? >> no. how about control the boreder? how about that? >> it's just that obama is taking their money? i'm the constitution, every morning. >> the civil rights issues in other words because you're against someone's civil rights not because you believe in what you say. >> keep it up my friend you'll never win another national
7:51 pm
election. >> keep it up. >> biden in this heat is that he's punishing the opposition, opposition is in good faith opposes immigration because it takes away jobs from americans and it's not fair? >> i think -- >> chamber of commerce is a liberal group. >> chamber of commerce is a liberal group? they prefer more rbi republicans than anyone else. >> we've got to go. great panel. you guys all hug. go ahead. national hug day. >> when we come back, they hug away, ann coulter here, wendy davis and whether or not i should leave new york straight ahead. i need proof of insurance. that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera. ah, actually i think my eyes might ha... next! digital insurance id cards. just a tap away on the geico app.
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is here well. talked about kuomo. new york lost 1.3 million residents to florida, texas and carolinas new jersey lost $70 billion during five years, people leaving new jersey, high-tax state. >> the only states picking up populations in the last census were all of the tax-free states the only blue state is washington state, weirdly a blue state but no income tax. and you know i travel a lot for speeches and it's striking going to someplace the booming states, south carolina, north carolina, they're booming they're flowers every place. highways are beautiful. everyone wearing nice clothes you go to beautiful states that were beautiful home states, michigan and up state new york, it's become like pottersville. it's sad. >> isn't it sad? >> yes. >> detroit i wanted to cry, so bad. >> yes. it's a gorgeous, there
7:57 pm
used to be more millionaires in detroit than new york city. it was the gem of the united states and that is what democrats do to it. >> let me go to wendy davis oochl my favorite story of the week. >> she faced a filibuster against abortion restrictions rise to stardom. democrats in the loen star state. >> oh, yes. >> now, she's got contradictions in the dallas morning news reporting that her made for tv life is not all it seems to be, report sheing was 21, not 19 when divorced, working, she met jeff davis a lawyer 13 years older than her. >> i mean blurring the lines or i should have been more precise. these were lies the same as elizabeth warren claiming to have been an indian. central focus of her life story, hard-luck story would have been
7:58 pm
amazing if true is that she was raised by a single mother, started working at 14 to support her struggling family, then she became a single mother, lived in a trailer park and woah ends up in harvard law school. no. she basically came from middle class family, her father ran a dinner theater. she got married young, had a child young, got divorced at 21. age between 19 and 21 i don't think makes a big difference but that isn't the hard luck story. through 50s most women were getting married and having children before 20. but big part is the reason being a single mother and it would be impressive if she ended up at s. >> he was granted parental custody. >> connotation is that you were supporting a family and raising your kids she was neither supporting her family nor raising her kids she married a sugar daddy whom
7:59 pm
she asked to meet. he supported her and raised kids she went to harvard law school. i mean, it said this dallas morning news article, he says i quote, it's ironic the day after i paid the last -- >> i made the last payment and the next day, she left. >> crucial part there is it's ironic. no. expression is that it's entirely predictable. as onion is unravelling, more and more is coming out. this article written by slater, an tack book against george bush. this is a puff piece to allow wendy davis to get ahead of the story. she's attacking her republican opponent and -- as the feminists always do. she was caught telling a lie. i'm being attacked because i'm a woman! >> i guess she's not the great
8:00 pm
hope for texas after all. >> this is all i want to talk about all year. >> i can tell. >> as always, thank you for being with us. start your day with fox and friends each weekday morning at 5:00 a.m . we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> how many of you think that bill o'reilly is the most popular guy in news? raise your hands? bill o'reilly would finish dead last if he were on the evening news. >> wow, is that true? would i be an evening news loser? we'll analyze tom brokaw's remarks with an eye on what he is not telling you. >> the men and women of the intelligence community, including the nsa consistently follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people. >> is that true? or are we losing privacy like crazy? charles krauthammer will answer that question. ♪ show you all

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